Demo 2016

by Don't Front

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released April 8, 2016

Recorded & mixed by Max Senna at Secret Bathroom in Oakland



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Don't Front California


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Track Name: Grip
some days i can’t run away
I’m chained to a past i can’t escape
feelings of inadequacy
haunted by complacency
the past has got its grip on me
and it won’t let go

there’s nowhere i can hide
i’m trapped underneath the tide
i pretend it doesn’t get to me
but it has its claws in deep

i won’t
let it take hold of me
it’s a constant battle
and i’m not in the lead
i took to heart
everything they said
i let their toxic words
resonate in my head
i felt the pain
of every hit they gave
i let the bruises
add fuel to my hate

i became their words
and embodied the pain
but never again
i’ll make sure the past stays dead

don’t be like me
don’t let your past take hold of you
i almost drowned
but know i live my life anew
Track Name: Real[ity]
i can’t believe
what this world came to be
i’ve lost my faith
lack of decency
fading personalities
shells of who they used to be
the real tragedy
is our society
our reality
Track Name: Stuck
not me
this isn’t who i want to be
inherently pessimistic
eternally antagonistic
i was once so full of life
now i’m living in constant strife
i’ve lost all hope for change
because i’m stuck in my ways
stuck in my ways

this isn’t me
what have i done
turned my back on
the ones i love
i’ve been so cold
undoubtably distant
polluted by
a toxic environment
reluctant to what's right
drawn to what’s wrong
i know what i’ve done
but i just can’t move on
left to reminisce about the better days
because i’m stuck in my ways

i've been stuck in my ways
polluted by things I thought I couldn't change
only to learn that the key to it all
is realizing I'm the one who's putting up that wall
Track Name: Enough
we all have our demons
we have all made mistakes
we are not defined
by every choice that we make
character comes from integrity
malice derives from the absence of empathy
you are not defined
by the environment you are forced to survive

day after day
subjected to hate
but won't be defined
by the prejudice you face
we've had enough
of oppressive intentions
we won't stay quiet
we won’t stay hidden
Track Name: Detached
i fall in love with characters on a screen
keep myself detached
from any real feelings
a metamorphosis from past relationships
i'm damaged goods, so you should keep your distance

cause we're all alone in the end
at least that's what I tell myself
but I know one thing for sure
i'll take my chances alone with my sorrows devoid of real feelings and hope
Track Name: Deprivation
close my eyes
try to dream
i can’t ever fucking sleep
one more night
of consciousness
i’ll put myself
to eternal rest

just bury me
so i can sleep

sleep deprived
rosy eyes
scattered thoughts
i’ve lost the plot
reason fades
darkness looms
send me to
my fucking tomb

i’ll trade anything for sleep
you can have my soul to keep
if sleep remedies don’t work
lay me to rest in the fucking dirt
Track Name: Callous
one more drink and he'll call it a night
so far gone she won't put up a fight
Speech slurred and her vision blurred
inhibitions fleeting like her lost words
reassuring her that she's alright
he tells her not to be so uptight
just when he tries to build the heat
she stumbles to her feet and asks to leave

but he tells her to stay
she doesn’t have a choice anyway

well know how the story unfolds
a fucking scumbag doesn't listen to what he's told
a poor soul is misguided by persuasion
incognizant of the whole situation
taking advantage of the innocent
getting physical without consent
if i ever get my hands on you
you better hope you better pray
someone’s there to save you

you’ll get what you deserve
you can count on me
to make fucking sure
Track Name: Counterfeit
entitlement is an filthy disease
don’t catch it
benevolence doesn’t guarantee
bitterness born from selfishness
get over it

you should get over yourself
egocentricity kills
your good will is counterfeit
and your word doesn't mean shit
Track Name: Deadweight
all i do is give and give
all you do is take and take
poisoning my good will
never stopping for a break

i never wanted to admit
you’re deadweight
but i need you like need a disease
i’m cutting ties with you and your dependency

you mistook my kindness for weakness
now i have to i put you in your place
i gave you all that i had to give
you took advantage of my good grace

all i ever did
was try and help
but it was never enough
your negativity dragged me down
now i have to
drop you like deadweight