Consequence To Exist

by Don't Front

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released May 15, 2017

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Eric Urbach at Lodasia Sound in Richmond, CA Winter 2016

Art by Christian Lain at Pinnacle Tattoo in Corpus Christi, TX



all rights reserved


Don't Front California


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Track Name: Intro / Frayed
I looked up to you
in every way
we were inseparable
until you started to fray

You stopped coming around
and started acting shady
that's when I started to
see a change in you

I would take you to see the dopeman
You'd say you're just meeting a friend
I was too naive to put it together
but when I realized
it was too late

I couldn't watch
what you did to yourself
you life was fading
but you never asked for help
you could have came to me
we could have worked it out
you were me idol
it was about your survival

I would deny it, but I knew
you would never be the same again
you can't undo
the pain you put us through
that was the end
I knew I lost
my best friend
Track Name: Blue
Day in, day out
another death to read about
lax laws, deficient cause
excessive force awarded with applause
tragedy, normalcy
two words that should never meet

They're supposed to serve and protect
but their blatant abuse of power always goes unchecked
they profile and marginalize
have an apparent disregard for innocent lives
keep telling us just to close our eyes
to invalidate the current fucking genocide

Will it ever end?
Track Name: Pay Up
I don't know what you want from me
But nothing in this life is free
So pay up pay up pay up
Cause what you're doing right now ain't enough
Get welcomed in
then cast aside
You make one wrong move
and you're left behind
So pay up pay up pay up
Cause right now you won't make the cut

Nothing in this life will ever be free
Regardless of merit or what you believe
Track Name: United
Picture someone that you hate
ball your fist and aim it straight
when you're with us you never run
stand your ground, give it all
united, together we fall

Once you've taken a few hits
you realize you're not made of glass
now you're part of something bigger
no matter what we have each other's backs

We never give up
cause we are united
through thick and thin
until the bitter end

With our fortune nowhere to be found
and our dreams all floating away
we're still lucky to have each other
because through it all we are united
Track Name: Joke's On You
Take a good look
at what you've made
An indelible mark
A permanent stain
The cost of your actions
The price that was paid
I'm left with no option
But to think about pain

This isn't the kind
of life that I'd choose
stripped of my pride
and suffering abuse
trying to cope
but it's no use
nothing to gain
but nothing to lose

Tried to make me feel small
Joke's on you
Treat me like I'm worth nothing
Joke's on you
Convincing me I'm always wrong
Joke's on you
But your ploys won't last for long
Joke's on you now

I'm cutting ties
Lift the veil from me eyes
You're the one I despise
From now on no more lies
and the filth that you said
has no place in my head
A farewell and so long
To the life that I've lead
Track Name: Mute
I just bite my tongue
Pretend not to hear
trying to imagine
a place away from here
It's only getting worse
And my silence doesn't help
I'm saving relationships
But betraying myself
It's easy to minimize
the struggles people face
When they're absent from your life
Why can't you just take the hint?
My silence isn't approval, it's disappointment

Day after day
It's all the same
Nothing will ever change
Your mind's made up
I'm out of luck
Why can't I just speak up?
Each passing minute
My conscience wanes
I think I'm losing my mind
My silence hurts
the ones I love
I can't just sit back and
keep my mouth shut

I can't look
at my own reflection
Cause it's got me shook
The person that I see
Isn't who I used to be
turning my back on
those who need me

Staying silent
Muted voice
Toxic mind
you made your choice
Speak your mind
It makes no sense
Clench my fists
With bated breath